Hi there! We are a fashion and apparel company that specializes in designer dancewear!


Designed from scratch by ballerinas who live and breathe ballet. These elite professionals require dancewear that are fully functional yet comfortable to avoid changing in and out of casual wear too often during the day. The team behind Zidans ensures that your dancewear is suitable for a casual meet up with your friends, as well as ready for your intense studio work.

We are certain that if the product is good enough for the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, it will be good enough for the rest of the world.


Immerse yourself in the world of dance, right from your wardrobe to the dance studio. Our products are made to fit your dancer lifestyle to give you that chic yet functional feeling. 
The whole basis of Zidans’ design profile is to strive for clean and clear lines to emphasize body lines, silhouette and dancer’s surroundings. Each product is made with the intention for multiple uses, from your home to the studio. Or perhaps for yoga and other intense activities. Our products are field tested by dancers and sportsmen, taking into account real feedback before new models or collection lines are launched into production. We have the privilege of having Sofya Khoreva (@sofyakhoreva) as our ambassador and through her vigorous testing at the Vaganova Ballet Academy, we are able to produce well designed dancewear for everyone to enjoy.